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The Ultimate Running Calorie Calculator

Taren Gesell

You can calculate how many calories you burn when running using the calculator below. Below the calculator, you'll find answers to the most common questions runners have about the amount of calories burned during running.

How to Use Our Running Calorie Calculator to Estimate Energy Expenditure

To get the number of calories burned when running (also known as your "energy expenditure"), simply enter the following data into our calorie burn calculator:

  1. Your body weight in pounds or kilograms
  2. The time you spent running
  3. The distance you ran
  4. The grade you ran on (this is optional)

This will estimate the total number of calories a person will burn based on their body mass, pace, and hill elevation they're running on. This calories burned running calculator will estimate the number of calories based on an average athlete of that body weight running at that pace.

5 Factors That Effect How Many Calories Are Burned Running

Many different factors will affect how many calories, these four are the primary factors that determine how many calories you've burned in order of most to least impactful.

  1. Duration of the Activity: of course, how long you spend running has the biggest impact on how many calories you will burn.
  2. Running Speed: your running pace has the next largest impact on the number of calories you burn. Running faster will burn more calories than slow running, but you might be able to run fast for as long.
  3. Body Weight: how much a runner weighs has the next largest impact on how many calories are burned when running. A heavier athlete requires more energy to run than lighter runners require.
  4. Grade: running uphill will burn more calories while running downhill will burn slightly fewer calories.
  5. Running Economy: running economy is also known as running efficiency. As we run more and develop better running techniques, our bodies get more efficient and burn fewer calories.

Our calculator will estimate calories burned when running for the average athlete. This might not be exactly how many calories you burn, but it will be very close.

Most Common Questions About Calorie Burn When Running

You can play with the calculator estimates in this article as much as you want, but here are answers to the most common questions people have about the number of calories burned running.

We will base all these answers on average active men and women weighing 190 and 150 pounds, respectively, running average paces of 8:03min/mile and 8:52min/mile (5:00min/kilometer and 5:30min/kilometer).

How Many Calories Do You Burning Running a Mile?

An average male will burn 137 calories when running 1 mile, while an average female runner will burn 108 calories when running a mile.

How Many Calories Does Running for 30 Minutes Burn?

An average male will burn 513 calories running for thirty minutes, while an average female runner will burn 405 calories running for 30 minutes.

How Much Running Does it Take to Burn 500 Calories?

And average male can burn 500 calories in just under 30 minutes, while a woman will burn 500 calories in a little over 37 minutes.

What Burns More Calories: Walking or Running?

Running burns significantly more calories than walking on a minute-per-minute basis. While you'll burn roughly twice as many calories as walking each minute, walking and running the same distance will burn roughly the same number of calories.

How Many Calories Does Running Burn Per Hour?

The average male will burn roughly 1026 calories per hour when running, while the average female will burn approximately 810 calories.

How Many Calories Does Running a Marathon Burn?

Our calculator shows that men will burn around 3608 calories throughout a full marathon, while women will burn 3132 calories.

How Many Calories Does Running a Half Marathon Burn?

Men will burn around 1804 calories throughout a half marathon, while women will burn 1566 calories.

How Many Calories Does Running a 10k Burn?

Men will burn around 855 calories throughout a 10k race, while women will burn 743 calories in a 10k race.

How Many Calories Does Running a 5k Burn?

Men will burn around 426 calories throughout a 5k race, while women will burn 371 calories in a 5k race.

Do You Burn More Calories Running on a Treadmill?

You will burn more energy running on a treadmill if you are running at room temperature. When you run in place on a treadmill, the air around you heats up, and your heart rate will tend to be higher than when you run outside at the same pace; this will cause you to burn more calories.

Calories Burned Running Calculator Wrap-Up

If weight loss and managing body fat is a goal of yours (which it doesn't need to be for all runners) you need to calculate calories burned when running. This will help you create a calorie deficit and determine your daily calorie needs.

Our calculator estimates calories burned based on your unique weight, pace, terrain, and duration. Use our calculator anytime you want to help your run training.

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