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About US

MOTTIV is the only endurance sports training app in the world designed specifically for amateur athletes, ordinary people who want to accomplish extraordinary things.

Our training has been developed by top coaches who know the unique needs of age groupers.The MOTTIV app offers year-round training for every distance of triathlon, running race, cycling race, swimrun and duathlon. Every workout is personalized to each athlete, and we offer full schedule flexibility for people with busy lives.

We believe endurance sports should be accessible to everyone. That’s why our training is so affordable. Nobody should miss out on the incredible life benefits of endurance sports because they can’t afford it. We’re working hard to change the industry to be more inclusive, and allow more people in.

With MOTTIV, you’re ready!

Customer Service and Support

  1. Help Center Check out our Help Center for answers to your questions, and to learn how to get the most out of the MOTTIV app and your training.
  2. @MyMOTTIV Follow us on Instagram for training tips, tricks, and great stories of our athletes, regular people working to be the best version of themselves.
  3. MOTTIV Gear Store Represent the MOTTIV movement with affordable endurance sports clothing and accessories, available year-round.
  4. Taren’s MOTTIV Method Podcast Tune in for weekly podcast episodes on topics important to beginner endurance athletes.
  5. Taren’s MOTTIV Method YouTube channel Weekly videos with the important information amateur athletes need to know to nail their endurance sports goals.

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MOTTIV Technologies Inc. provides endurance sports training service to users around the world.

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