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Zen Triathlon's Brett Blanker on Ultra-Triathlons, Keto Diets, and Podcasting Ep.006

Taren Gesell

Brett Blanker runs the Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast which is the longest running triathlon podcast in the world.  Brett has produced over 630 Zen Triathlon podcasts having done them since podcasting first started back in 2007.

In this episode of the Triathlon Taren Podcast Brett talks about how he found triathlon during a very depressing time in his life and how triathlon helped pull him out of that depression.  He talks about how podcasting began back in 2007 and how it's changed in the ten years since he's been producing the Zen Triathlon podcasts.  He also talks about how military school changed him in his earlier years. Finally, he talks about the ultra-endurance events he takes on such as:

  • Self-supported ULTRAMAN finisher
  • First Texan to swim the length of Lake Tahoe.  22 miles long (1 mile longer than the English Channel!)
  • (15x) Ironmans, 9 of them solo self-supported.
  • (1x) 100 mile trail run finisher.
  • (6x) 50 mile trail run finisher.
  • (12x) Half Ironmans. 4:40 PR at Galveston and 10th in AG at Austin.
  • 1st place overall BCS Gran Fondo 100 mile bike race, both 2016 and 2017.
  • Fastest Known Time all-butterfly swim double-crossing of Lake Bryan, TX. (2.4 miles)

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Taren Gesell
Taren Gesell

"Triathlon Taren" Gesell is founder of MOTTIV and one of the world's top experts on helping adults become endurance athletes later in life. Best known for his YouTube channel and podcast Taren is the author of the Triathlon Foundations series of books and has been published featured in endurance publications around the world.

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