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What if you could accomplish more than you ever thought was possible?

Endurance sports (and the transformations they bring) should be accessible to everyone.

We believe that a solid training plan and a supportive community of athletes should be available to you, no matter who you are and where you come from.

An assortment of MOTTIV athletes crossing their finish lines and an illustration of a race finisher medal

Whether you’re lacing up your shoes for the first time or getting ready to compete in your 100th triathlon, you are an endurance athlete

You take goals that once felt way out of reach — and you make them possible. For yourself and for the athletes who will come after you.

In the end, this isn’t all about winning. It’s not about proving anything to anybody else. It’s about you showing up for yourself. It’s about being the best version of yourself you can be.

MOTTIV athlete Anna Robbey riding her bike in her MOTTIV branded kit
“I smashed my Ironman triathlon target last year and I am loving my current marathon training plan.”

It's clearly working because I've done really well and I've relatively stayed un-injured. I'm physically the strongest I've ever been. I’m in the best shape of my life. I honestly think that the training I get from MOTTIV is solid training, it's some of the best training you're gonna get.



Your training plan should be flexible enough to support your other priorities in life

MAYBE...’re a parent and you want to spend Saturdays with your family, not tackling your long run. have a chronic illness, and cookie cutter training plans don’t work for you.

...a personal coach feels like overkill or doesn’t fit within the budget right now.

You still deserve support in reaching your endurance goals. Endurance sports can feel elitist and exclusionary, but we believe you shouldn’t need to look a certain way, have a certain lifestyle, or be wealthy to be an endurance athlete.

Agreed? Cool, we’re building a movement. And we want you to be part of it.

A MOTTIV athlete with his son riding their bikes together and a MOTTIV athlete with his newborn baby at the finish line of his race
MOTTIV athlete David Younglove running in a triathlon race
“Your training system really works for me at 52 years old. I even placed 12th at the PTO US Open in Irving, Texas!”

I went from age group mid pack finisher on local triathlons to winning all of the age group triathlons and duathlons I ran this summer by training with MOTTIV. I look forward to my offseason training and looking to be even stronger next year. Keep up the great work, MOTTIV!”


Every mile. Every drop of sweat. Every doubt you overcome... is a victory.

When you think you have nothing left, and you dig deeper.

When you’re intimidated because no one at the start line looks like you, but you show up anyway.

When you inspire someone else in your community to do the same.

These moments are just as worthy of celebration as the PBs, the finishes, and the podiums.

These are the moments we live, breathe, and move for.

MOTTIV athletes and friends Kevin and Lauren finishing their ironman race holding hands together


(Hint: anyone who laces up a pair of running shoes, jumps in a pool, or hops on a bike, regardless of your appearance, gender, race, size, or socioeconomic status)

Grid of MOTTIV athletes of various ages, races, gender and body shape all wearing their MOTTIV gear
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An image grid of the MOTTIV team


We understand what it feels like to transform our lives through endurance sports... and it feels pretty damn good.

Our job is to help you get there using years of expertise and the latest science in endurance sports. We’re athletes, ourselves, so we understand the grind. More importantly, though, we understand what it feels like to believe a goal is way out of reach… and then to prove ourselves wrong.

Taren, Founder and CEO, “I started MOTTIV because I believe it needs to be easier for people to become the best version of themselves athletically, regardless of background, time availability, or income level. Amateur athletes need an affordable way to get great and motivating training that meets them where they are at.”

Leighton, CTO, “My “why” is to help and inspire those I’m surrounded by to become the best version of themselves. What I love about MOTTIV is that it provides a solid and balanced approach to endurance sports which not only helps amateur athletes crush their endurance goals, but also creates the opportunity for them to inspire those closest to them.”

These are just a few of our incredible team members. But all of us have had our lives touched or transformed by endurance sports in one way or another. And all of us want that transformation to be accessible to anyone who wants to experience it.

We believe that if you’re putting in the miles, you should know what each and every mile is doing to get you where you want to go

You don’t just want to know which workout is up next. You want to know the why behind what you’re doing. You have the right to know that your training is evidence-based, and you should be able to see the science behind it.

  • A training plan designed just for you by coaches who know how to help you reach your goals
  • An explanation of why you’re doing each workout and the motivation to push yourself
  • A customizable training schedule that tells you what you’re doing each day, and adjusts as you move workouts around to fit your life

All of this helps you feel confident that each workout you do, rest day you take, or nutritious meal you eat is moving you closer to your goals.

A user's dashboard of statistics based on MOTTIV training plans and workout completion

The best thing about competing in endurance sports is the way you transform yourself into the best version of you, every step of the way

It’s about the hard-earned satisfaction that comes from working up a sweat.

It’s about knowing you did the damn thing. You gave it all you could.

It’s about having no regrets at the start line, and putting your whole heart into race day.

It’s about inspiring other athletes to say, “They did that. Maybe I can do it, too.”

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